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Here are a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).  Some of the answers will on particular pages of the Festival website so click the links to those answers.

Where is Swarthmore College and how do I get there?

Swarthmore College is 12 miles west of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, USA. The address is 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081

What events are open to the public?

All the events are open to the public. The Saturday 17th March Workshop is free  to attend but you must register first, so please fill in this online form.

Is there a cost for attending any event?

There is no cost for attending, all the events are free.

Is it easy to get to Swarthmore College by train?

Yes, SEPTA’s R3 train from Philadelphia Centre City stops at Swarthmore Station, five minutes walk from the College.

Where do I park?

The easiest and biggest car park is near the Dupont Science Centre on the campus, which is 5 mins walk away.

I have special needs, how do I get help?

Please fill in this Special Needs contact form.

Will there be interpreting provided?

Yes, in ASL (American Sign Language), BSL (British Sign Language) and voice interpreting. Interpreting services are provided by SIGNINterpreting Services, llc

How do I register for the Saturday 17th March Workshop?

The Saturday 17th March Workshop is free but you must register first, so please fill in this online form.

Is there a creche or childcare?

There is no creche but you are welcome to make arrangements with individual students using this form.

Is there a cafe or restaurant near?

There are cafes on the campus and also places to eat in Swarthmore and on the Baltimore Pike. There is a longer list of information on Help with … Food.

May I take photos or video of the events?

Swarthmore College does not permit members of the audience to film or photograph any performances. Please respect this and understand if you are asked to put away your camera or phone during performances.

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  1. Joe D'Occhio #

    Looking forward to coming.

    January 26, 2012

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