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Swarthmore College map

Swarthmore College mapThere are three venues on the Swarthmore College campus that the Festival will use and they are shown on this campus map.

Upper Tarble, which is where the Conversation, the Workshop and the Performance are being held, is upstairs in Clothier Hall, this is the building that looks like a small church, which doesn’t have a tower.

Kenny Lerner’s additional session is to be held in Kohlberg Hall, in Room 115, on the ground floor.

Click the map to see more detail.

The Sunday morning Panel discussion will be held in the Wister Centre in the Scott Arboretum, just above and behind the McCabe Library.

The DuPont car park and the SEPTA railway station are also marked. From the station, look up towards the college buildings and Upper Tarble is visible on the left.

Hobbs Coffee House  is a nice place to enjoy a coffee, that’s opposite the station in Swarthmore itself.  Vicky’s Diner is just around the corner for breakfast and lunch, another good place to eat lunch is Occasionally Yours opposite.  The Swarthmore Co-Op also just around the corner from Hobbs, sells good sandwiches, coffee and groceries.

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