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Paul Scott

Paul Scott

I am proud of my deaf parents and relatives to pass my fluent use of BSL. I am part of  ‘art’ family. I am a crazy to play with words in strange ways. I am collage poet to see how deaf world I live in and usually suffer in silence to explosion inside metaphor. I love to explore with strange/unique poem to expression. I collected all beautiful handshapes and non manual feature on kinetoscopes in my mind integrate with deaf world what deaf journey is like. I am independent journey to explore this Earth are greatest show in the world is our Earth to explore cultures and beautiful creatures also important of all landscapes to give me freeeeedom. Dreaming to stay wilderness in Alaska for fun.

I do more enjoy to continue study my postgrad this year to study M.Sc Deafhood.

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  1. Sarah Rendell #

    Paul, I wish I could come and see you perform! Hope it goes really well and you enjoy your stay Stateside. Hope to see you again one day. Sarah (sign name Boat) x

    December 14, 2011
  2. We’ll try to video the performances if possible and make them available afterwards!

    January 12, 2012

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